Guide: ITAD Company vs. Bitpro for selling GPU mining hardware

Here are what we see as the major advantages of choosing Bitpro over an ITAD company for selling your GPU mining hardware.

  • We’re professional GPU miners: we know the hardware & the market, enabling us to offer fair value for your entire hardware investment. Many ITAD companies will not make a bid on all of the hardware.
  • The company owners are experts that will arrive to disassemble and pick-up your rigs. We don’t send general contractors.
  • Bitpro pays in-person on-site. This eliminates the need for escrow and other transaction costs.
  • We include disassembly in the cost.
  • There are no extra fees.
  • In-person pick-up eliminates shipping cost.
  • We don’t perform extensive testing on-site and respect your time.
  • We know the approximate failure rate and are able to price accordingly.
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