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As a bulk hardware purchaser, we typically only make offers on hardware in excess of $1000 estimated value.

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Why choose Bitpro when selling used bulk PC Parts?

  • Our process is fast, safe, and convenient. We are also a lot less fussy about item condition than other hardware buyers, as we have the technical expertise to address the most common issues.
  • We pay quickly and fairly, prioritizing your time (ask our customers).  
  • We aim to provide you with a fast, hassle-free way to turn hardware into cash. Our customers value our service because it saves them the trouble of taking photos, listing, packing, trips to the post office, buyer questions, returns (and return shipping), scams and payment issues. 
  • Our professional, competitive PC Part purchasing service enables you to sell your used and surplus components for the highest return on investment. 

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Which PC Parts Does Bitpro Buy?

We buy most consumer-grade computer hardware: including Graphics Cards (GPU), Processors (CPU), Motherboards, Computer Memory (RAM), Hard Drives, Solid-State Drives, Power Supplies, and many other peripherals & accessories.

Data security when selling your bulk PC Parts

Bitpro maintains the highest standards in customer privacy and has invested in the equipment to securely wipe data in compliance with the most up-to-date NIST 800-88 standards and the older DoD 5220.22-M recommendations, with reports available upon request. We are also familiar with the regulatory requirements of electronic waste recyclers and can integrate our process with your quality management system.

If your hardware contains a hard drive or solid-state drive, make sure to verify that your potential buyer follows protocols to protect your data from being compromised!

Businesses that typically sell their bulk PC parts


E-Waste Recyclers

We offer better prices and understand the requirements of R2 and e-Stewards.


Graphic Rendering

Selling their last generation computer hardware to invest in the latest gen video card & optimize their workflows

Our sellers are folks like you: looking to be paid a fair price, quickly and safely, for their computer parts.

Business owners are often upgrading their workstations and systems or their business hardware needs have changed. Many of our clients have gone from cryptocurrency mining to production processing or AI. 

Graphics and video design is constantly evolving to demand more powerful processing. We’re there when you want to recoup value from your hardware investment. 

ITAD Companies & Brokers are often looking for a bulk buyer with the ability to work with individual used computer components. Bitpro has significant technical capability.

With the growing emphasis on professional and workstation GPU servers, Tensor Core servers, and specialty CPUs for machine learning and AI, Bitpro is uniquely positioned to help you capture your hardware resale value during a hardware refresh.


ITAD Companies

ITAD Companies & IT wholesale suppliers count on our expertise with excess supply


Machine Learning

Liquidating their used server hardware and processing to keep pace with technology

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