Mark at Large: Bitpro in the Media

Mark at Large: Bitpro in the Media

The Block

On the verge of the ETH hard fork to Proof of Stake, Mark discusses the impact on GPU miners along with many other industry voices.

Mark, Bitpro’s CEO, discusses the factors at play causing the current downward trend in GPU prices in 2022 with The Block and Luxor’s COO, Ethan Vera.


AI & GPU mining: Mark, credited as Bitpro Consulting, contributed to an article in Bloomberg about the pivot to HPC, high-performance compute businesses – such as AI & Machine Learning, many large GPU mining farms are signaling.

Bitpro provides data and commentary on GPU mining hardware value in light of Ethereum’s planned transition to (PoS)

Mark discusses Nvidia mining hardware revenue in the context of Ethereum’s planned transition to proof of stake (PoS).

CNN Business

“There’s a consultant for that” – An article focused on cryptocurrency consulting.

Coin Desk

Mark discusses why Ethereum miners are betting that proof of work mining on Ethereum will continue despite the plans of the founders to transition away from mining to proof of stake.


Mark discusses the impact of shifting away from ASICs on decentralization in the context of Monero’s switch to CPU mining.


An article titled “Crypto’s Secret Sauce” discusses the positive impact GPU miners have on a blockchain outside of securing the chain against attack.

Mining Disrupt ’21 GPU Mining Panel

A panel discussion convened at Mining Disrupt tackling the tricky topic of when Ethereum might move to proof of stake and what consequences that will have for miners and the larger crypto marketplace. Video credit goes to Bits Be Trippin, who was also featured on the panel alongside Bitpro’s CEO, Mark D’Aria.


Morning Money newsletter provides a high-level overview of the merge’s impact on GPU miners. Mark D’Aria, Bitpro CEO, was interviewed for GPU miner’s perspective.

Wall Street Journal

Bitpro contributes to an article on the jump some miners are attempting from GPU mining to renting out hardware for AI data processing.

Yahoo! Finance

A discussion of the benefits of ASIC-resistant blockchains.