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Sell us your GPU mining rigs

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We can get started with a brief description, but an accurate quote requires precise detail of the hardware you are looking to sell. In order to expedite the process, please be as specific as possible, including models of parts, quantities available, condition, whether or not they include original boxes, and whether or not they are modded. If you don’t know any of this information, don’t worry – just reach out with what you know and we’ll be able to assist you from there. You can also email us at:

Why sell my mining rigs to Bitpro?

If you’re looking for the best place to sell your mining rigs, our goal is to take the work out, save you valuable time, and pay you a fair price for your GPU mining equipment. We used to build mining farms until crypto winter, so we know what matters to miners and know how to bring the best value out of your hardware. Our customers like us for our pricing, responsiveness, and smooth transaction process.

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Why we think our mining hardware purchasing service is the best…

  • We travel to your farm to handle the entirety of the transaction in person.
    • Make in-person payment for your hardware
    • On-site professional disassembly & packing
  • We offer you a fair, competitive price based on hardware value, not the volatile crypto market
  • Our process is simple and efficient
  • We’re not brokers. We’ve used them and have had mostly negative experiences
    • No “games of telephone” with a middle man
    • No wasting unnecessary time or worse, deals that fall apart