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Sell your used cryptocurrency mining rigs, graphics cards (GPU), processors (CPU), solid-state drives (SSD), RAM (computer memory) motherboards, and other common mining peripherals. Recover liquid capital to fuel your next venture.

🚀 Fast, hassle-free mining rig purchasing process

The process for selling your mining rigs to Bitpro is very simple:

  1. Click get offer.

    Describe your mining rigs.

  2. We will respond same or next day with an offer.

    Our offers are no-obligation and we don’t hard-ball or continue to follow up incessantly. We only want to work with people who see the unique value we bring to the mining industry.

  3. We work out payment & pick-up details.

    Payment will be provided at the time of pickup in your preferred method – cash, crypto, Paypal, Zelle, check or bank wire.

We will buy your used GPU mining equipment at a competitive price and re-purpose it or dispose of it in a secure, environmentally friendly manner. Sell your GPUs in bulk to help you save valuable time and provide for an immediate, effortless return on your hardware investment. If you are looking to sell a single card or component, our service is likely not for you: check out our guide on selling a single graphics card, instead.

Past Customer Reviews

Philip V.H.
Philip V.H.
I sold 30 GPU's at one time. The communication with Bitpro was prompt and effective. It was much easier to sell them together than figure out how to sell them one at a time somewhere else. Bitpro sent a quote and the basis for the value that I accepted. When I had them packaged, I sent an email with the package dimensions and weights and they emailed me prepaid shipping labels. After Bitpro receiving them and testing, I received another email letting me know the status and that payment was processing. It was in the bank 2 days later. Now instead of having unused surplus, I have cash to work with. Thanks Bitpro.
Harry Tran
Harry Tran
Awesome business. Mark was Super responsive, and friendly. I sold them my mining gpus and accidentally forgot to list 2 in the original quote. They caught the mistake and sent me MORE. Definitely recommended
Brian Nichols (bNixx83)
Brian Nichols (bNixx83)
Great communication. Easy process. Quick payment.
Adam Swanson
Adam Swanson
Absolutely smooth transaction selling to them! Mark responds quickly to all inquiries and was a pleasure to work with. Highly recommend if you are needing to sell or buy. Will do business with again when the time comes. A+++
Donny d Hughes jr
Donny d Hughes jr
Extremely fast process and true to their word. If you are honest with what you're selling then there is nothing to worry about. I was skeptical at first not gonna lie but I'm pleasantly surprised. I'll use them again for sure.
Andrew S
Andrew S
Mark is very responsive, fair, and professional. I was given a quote for my graphics cards and appreciated the transparent explanation of how it was calculated, as well as an explanation of the current state of the GPU market. After we reached a price agreement, I simply signed a purchase form and Mark provided prepaid shipping labels. All I had to do was follow the packaging instructions and put the boxes in the mail. I received my money as soon as the items arrived and were tested. A far superior option to selling them individually on eBay. Great business, and thanks again Mark!
Victor Manuel
Victor Manuel
They are the best, they have the best prices and work super quickly. Mark is a genius in customer service.
Troy Case
Troy Case
Selling my equipment to Mark was very easy! Mark was extremely helpful and professional. Made the process easy and clear. Thanks for doing business with me Mark!
Matthew McCaskey
Matthew McCaskey
Friendly and quick service, highly recommended!
Yanica Wilson
Yanica Wilson
We did business with Bitpro recently, and we're glad we did. The level of service they provided was great. Mark was available day and night and responded to emails right away. From the moment we contacted Bitpro to sell our mining equipment, they were responsive and helpful. All our questions and concerns were answered clearly and concisely. Getting paid was easy, they sent us a check like they said they would, and we got it 6 days later. We deposited the check, and our bank cleared it so we got our money. So, they do what they say they'll do. We took a chance, and I quickly realized we were dealing with a reputable and trustworthy company. My experience with them was positive, and I felt they cared about our satisfaction. Bitpro is a great company to work with if you want to sell mining equipment. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with them again. Thanks, Bitpro!

🔑 Key Features & Services

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In-Person Pick-Up & Payment

We pay, disassemble and pick up from your location

A line drawing of cash, which we pay to people selling us GPUs!

Entire Mining Farm Liquidations

Exit GPU mining quickly & painlessly

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Expert Mining Farm Disassembly

We typically complete disassembly in a day, no additional fee

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Quick, Free Asset Evaluations

The owners check the contact form inbox around the clock

Keep Your Data Safe & Mining Rigs Out of the Landfill

Our electronics refurbishing business pursues a zero-waste policy in recovering value from used PC components. We specialize in finding an avenue back to the market for any old, used, or broken electronic devices. By selling your GPUs, PC Components, and other mining hardware to Bitpro, you’re partnering with a company that is built around maximizing value, which translates to as little waste as possible. We practice safe and responsible disposal of the devices via R2 partners when they can’t be refurbished for reuse.

👋 About Us

You’ll work directly with a specialist in GPU mining farm design & hardware. Mark has 9+ years of experience with custom GPU rigs, and 20+ years of experience with IT and computer hardware.

Bitpro is always eager to add new clients to the family. If you are interested in selling your computer hardware or looking to upgrade your existing tech, please give us a call or text.

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