How to Sell Your Used GPU: The Definitive Guide from the leading online seller

Selling used GPUs in a mining rig

If you are researching the best place sell your graphics cards, you’ve got options

Looking to upgrade your gaming rig or cash in on your current graphics card? Navigating the resale market can be daunting, but our guide offers an easy roadmap to turning your used GPU into profit. Whether you’re eyeing the fastest sale, highest security, or maximum return, we’ve got you covered with tips on valuation, presentation, and choosing the right platform. Dive into our expert insights to sell your graphics card swiftly and safely.

Goal: Understand the Market Value of your GPU

Quick GPU Price Research Methods

Before you start selling your used GPUs, take the time to research the current market. Familiarize yourself with the demand for specific graphics card models and their approximate resale value.

To Start: Get An Offer For Your Graphics Cards from Bitpro

Start with a quick, no-obligation offer from Bitpro. Then use this guide to help you determine the best way to sell your graphics cards

Our fair-market offers make sense for those looking to sell GPUs in bulk. According to our past customers, selling to Bitpro is fast, safe & hassle-free.

Next: Head to eBay’s “sold” listings

Popular forums and marketplaces, like eBay, Amazon, and Facebook Marketplace will help you understand the prices that others are asking for GPUs. However, don’t rely on the listing prices to gauge the current market price of your specific item. To check the current selling prices, search for your GPU on eBay, choose the appropriate condition description, and review the prices of items sold within the past week. This will provide a clearer understanding of your component’s current market value.

✔️ GPU Market Price, Check

Now that you know what your GPU sells for on the market, you can set your price in line with the market. If you set a lower-than-average price, your GPU will sell more quickly. GPU prices tend to drop slowly over time as new technology replaces the old. If your item doesn’t sell in a week or so, you may need to revisit your pricing or adjust your images or description, which we’ll cover in the next section.

Prepare your GPU for sale

Prepare your card listing for sale on marketplaces…

To attract buyers and maximize your profits, ensure that your used graphics cards are in the best possible condition. Clean dust and debris from the cards and test them to guarantee that they’re functioning optimally. Providing detailed information about each card’s performance, including benchmark results, can also help entice potential buyers.

…or skip the prep and sell it to Bitpro

Bring us your tired, your dusty, your old-gen GPUs. We aren’t picky like randos on Facebook and eBay because we are a refurbisher with the ability to renew older hardware. The main requirement with older hardware is that you have a few units to sell, as it mainly makes sense for our company to buy in bulk (5+ GPUs). If you only have a single GPU to sell, your best bet is to continue reading the guide.

✔️ Listing Prep

So far we covered, price and listing preparation. Next, we’ll choose where to sell your GPU.

Choosing the Best Place to Sell Your GPU

First, consider your priorities when selling your GPUs by asking:

Fast, Safe or Most Profitable?

Where and how you decide to sell your graphics cards depends on your priorities: The value of your time, protection from scammers, or the highest price despite the risk

Where to sell GPUs fast & in bulk?

If you have a bulk lot of hardware to sell, your best option is to get an offer from a company that specializes in buying (liquidating) computer parts & mining rigs. Get an offer from Bitpro.

Where should I sell my single graphics card to get the most money?

Selling your single graphics card yourself when top-dollar is your goal, use a peer-to-peer marketplace. Be forewarned, there are some dangers, hassles, and potential time wasted. Learn more about marketplaces like Facebook & Craigslist.

Where should I sell my single graphics card easily, safely?

If you’re interested in selling your graphics card with some protection for both yourself and your buyer for a 15% reduction in profit, then use an eCommerce marketplace like eBay or Amazon. Check our guide for preparing your listing.

Marketplace Overview

Once you have an idea of the market value of your GPU and your card is spiffed up for sale, you will need to list it online. For simplicity’s sake, it’s best to choose a single marketplace at a time, or you will need to duplicate efforts for a single sale. Read on to learn about the main marketplace options and their pros & cons.

Ecommerce Marketplaces

ecommerce marketplaces for selling GPUs

Here you’ll pay a commission of approximately 12%, after all fees are paid, not including shipping & returns.

Getting started

You’ll need to set up a seller account, which is easy enough on eBay (easier said than done on Amazon, as it is geared toward stores, not individuals). Abide by their terms. You’ll likely have to sell for lower than market price, while paying the higher, entry-level commissions unless you have some positive reviews/feedback. It helps to have a bit of history on eBay & Amazon.

If you are looking to sell larger quantities of graphics cards on eBay or Amazon and are new to either of these platforms, you should first be aware of the account value limits for new accounts. These restrictions are in place to prevent scams, but they rate limit the dollar volume you’re able to sell on these platforms until you have some account history.

Listing presentation

Your success will depend on the quality & presentation of your listing. Listings that perform better make use of attractive, high-quality pictures and accurate descriptions of the condition.

Returns & Scams

Expect a 10% average rate of returns in this category. While the risk is lower than peer-to-peer methods, some scammers are skilled enough to fool even the most die-hard skeptics of human nature, if you’re not careful. To protect yourself against returns, you should document the packing of your product with details visible using pictures & videos in the event of a dispute. See our separate post on buyer-side scams for detail on how to guard yourself against common fraud attempts.

Any eBay buyer may bid on your listing, and as such, you won’t really have control over the quality of your customer. This can lead to bad selling experiences and is just a part of the process.


Overall, this is a great option if you can dedicate the time and have small quantities of graphics cards. If you do, you will likely find the uphill battle not worth the headache.

Disclaimer: We are a leading seller of graphics cards on these marketplaces and have a finely-tuned machine for minimizing returns, shipping headaches, and a great reputation for quality products and service, which allows us to make sellers like you better offers for your graphics cards.


Selling using these methods usually works best in densely-populated areas, as this increases the size of the buyer pool and reduces the distance you’ll need to travel to meet up.

peer-to-peer  marketplaces for selling GPUs

The advantages of peer-to-peer, p2p, marketplaces, including Facebook Marketplace, Facebook groups, Hardwareswap Discord, Anandtech, Letgo, Offerup, etc. are that you’ll get to keep more of the sale price because no one is taking a commission. You can pay to promote your post, but that is not usually necessary unless you want to sell ASAP. The disadvantages are numerous and include the safety and scam risks, the time wasted arranging meetups with flaky buyers or hagglers, no real seller protection, and a small pool of buyers.

R/Hardwareswap PayPal policy

We reached out to the Hardware Swap mods to ask whether escrow services are an acceptable method of payment for larger transactions and they said they can only recommend PayPal Goods & Services, which functions as a type of transaction insurance. PayPal Goods & Services is ideal for small, infrequent transactions.

If you routinely use your PayPal account for larger transactions or if you engage in the frequent use of your PayPal account, your chances of interacting with scammers increase proportionally. As PayPal G&S acts as a type of transaction insurance, too many adverse incidents where PayPal needs to cover losses will negatively impact your track record and ability to transact using PayPal. PayPal Goods & Services is great for smaller, one-off transactions, but if you run into a disagreement with a buyer, you will likely find yourself fighting a PayPal claim which is a giant pain. Familiarize yourself with PayPal’s terms & conditions before transacting on r/hardwareswap as it is the required method of payment. And when shipping is involved, if one party is dissatisfied the transaction spirals quickly into a mess.

Additionally, if your Paypal account is new or infrequently used, PayPal could flag your account for suspicious activity and hold your funds for up to 180 days. This has happened in our experience to some sellers who used PayPal but did not have an extensive account history. Unfortunately, there was nothing either we nor the sellers could do aside from seeking legal recourse.

As of June 2023, Hardwareswap shut down on Reddit but their Discord is still active.

Your Personal Network

selling GPUs to your family and friends

Family, friends, and colleagues may also be interested in your graphics cards. Especially if you’re a gamer and have gamer relatives and friends.

While you may be done with your hardware, it’s possible that someone you know would buy your old card. Expect to gain more goodwill than cash as you’ll likely want to sell at a “family & friends discount”.

Marketplace Pros & Cons


  • Pros: A large established market & selling process
  • Cons: 15% + shipping High potential for returns

Read More…


  • Pros: Widely used platform
  • Cons: Potential for scams, flaky buyers

Read More…


  • Pros: Free, peer-to-peer
  • Cons: Highest potential for scams, only transact in-person, safely.

Read More…

Family & Friends

  • Pros: Trusted, low-effort
  • Cons: Expectation of below market price

Read More…

The Bitpro Advantage

By putting in the necessary work to add value to the entire selling process, we have become the go-to company for selling your used graphics cards.

What sets us apart:

We prefer to meet up in person, handle payment, disassembly, and packing at your location.

As miners, refurbishers, and IT professionals ourselves, we’re able to make you an offer that will include more than just your bulk graphics cards. We are looking to buy any commonly-used GPU Mining Hardware.

Our customers have loved working with us, as evidenced by our reviews. Because we’re miners, we are able to solve hardware problems for miners, offering value beyond an ITAD company. We have ongoing partnerships with many miners in the community and are a go-to dealer for professional farms.

Exceptions to using our service

It doesn’t make sense to sell to Bitpro in every scenario. Exceptions include:

  • When you have a small quantity of items to sell.
    • In this case, chances are the manageable risks & trouble of selling your hardware yourself will most likely pay off in your favor.
  • When your hardware is very old or expected to be low value.
    • The pace of improvement in technology significantly impacts the value of hardware older than about 5 years. In this case, you may be better off finding an enthusiast or investigating the scrap value of your older hardware.
  • If you are familiar with selling on marketplaces and hold an account with good reviews/feedback.
  • If you’re already versed in selling yourself, know how to avoid the pitfalls, and are OK with the trouble then you’ll make more selling it yourself!

Who do our services best suit?

Our hardware purchasing services work best for GPU miners, e-Scrap recyclers, graphic design firms, render farms, flex compute, and machine learning companies who are interested in a fast, fair, safe, and full-service transaction process. Often the entire disassembly and packing is completed in a single business day, which means you’ll dedicate the absolute minimum in terms of your own resources.

We provide:

  • Upfront payment
  • Professional hardware disassembly, often completed in a single day
  • Packing & pick up services

Get Paid for Your Graphics Cards

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