“What should I mine with my 4GB graphics cards once the Ethereum DAG limit hits?”

Unfortunately, you will not be able to profitably mine an alternate altcoin with your 4GB cards once the 4GB DAG limit hits. For the math behind this assertion please see our more in-depth article here.

Tl;dr – Seriously…you will not be able to profitably mine something else with 4GB cards for all but the early days of 2021.

Don’t grab the hot potato

So whatever you see out there for sale, keep in mind that there are literally millions of 4 GB cards out there that will either be looking to mine something else or for a new home. I’m strongly advising that you do not buy 4 GB cards for mining under any circumstances. There are a ton of people that will tell you that you’ll ROI so fast that it’s worth gamble, and they might be right, but there’s a greater chance that you’ll be stuck with a bag of hot potatoes.

LolMiner’s “Zombie Mode” for ETH mining with 4GB cards.

The early days of 2021 have been saved for 4 GB cards by an inventive workaround that allows for 4 GB GPUs to continue to mine Ethereum, albeit with steadily decreasing profitability.

Currently, the hashrate on Zombie mode is dropping 7% every 4 days. All the while ETH value is appreciating rapidly and prompting increased mining investment from current and new miners. These miners are deploying newer hardware. So, while we see hashrate from 4GB ASICs and GPUs peeling off, with accompanying difficulty drops, we are seeing miners coming online at the same pace and making up for the drop in hashrate.

It’s a great time for mining, but in order for it to be worth it, you have to be mining ETH with at least 6 GB GPUs.

Selling 4 GB GPUs? Bitpro is buying on a first-come basis.

Given the sheer number of 4 GB graphics cards that will be coming onto the market soon, we will be able to purchase quite a few, but we’re subject to the same laws of supply and demand as everyone, so it will be first-come, first-served. So if you’re on the fence about selling, I recommend you shoot us a message first about selling your 4 GB graphics cards. We will make you an offer that you can use to guide you in your decision-making process. If you have only a small quantity of 4 GB GPUs to sell, your best bet will be to list them yourself online. Check out our guide for selling your graphics cards online safely and profitably.

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