Enermax MAXRevo 1500W PSU Power Supply – P2, Burnt Pin(s)


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One or more pins of one or more modular cable connectors is melted/damaged. No testing was performed on this unit. No other obvious physical damage is present, and it is not known whether or not PSU and/or other ports work. It is assumed by seller that it does not, and buyer should purchase under that assumption. Seller makes no warranty as to the repairability of this unit and/or the condition of the parts inside, and it is not known whether or not the factory warranty is valid.

Bare PSU only. No cables, documentation or packaging included.

Note: Power supply modular cables are not cross-compatible. You must use cables from the exact same make and model of PSU. We will not be held responsible for damage to your PC or this unit due to use of incompatible cables.

All sales of this product are final. Please ensure you are comfortable with any defects before ordering.




Form Factor




Max Output Power

1500 W