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We are algo-agnostic. We will make offers on ASICs for any algorithm or from most manufacturers. It’s important to note that non-SHA256 ASICs are often very volatile in price, and we have to take that into account when putting together our offers.

Bitmain / AntminerCanaan / AvalonInnosilicon / MicroBT / Whatsminer
Nvidia CMP / 170HXGoldshell IBelinkJasminer

Why Should I Sell my ASICs to Bitpro?

Bitpro specializes in purchasing used GPU mining rigs. This is mainly due to the fact that we’re big proponents of GPU mining for reasons elaborated on in our article GPU vs. ASIC mining profitability. We are finding that many ASIC/GPU miners are now looking to upgrade their S9s to the latest gen and want to clear some space on their racks. ASIC mining hardware is a volatile market, but we hope to see that market stabilize now that Bitcoin volatility is trending down.

Selling ASIC Miners can be difficult if you’re not well-connected in the industry. Pricing can be somewhat nebulous and arbitrary. Many of the deals take place with an intermediary that connects buyers and sellers, which tends to drag the process out due to the level of complication and uncertainty. With Bitpro you’ll be getting an offer based on the latest market conditions from a company that specializes in buying mining hardware quickly, safely, and hassle-free.