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Have Computer Parts to Sell?

We are the answer to the question “Where to sell pc parts?” because we pay quickly and fairly and prioritize your time (ask our customers).  If you have only a single PC or few PC parts to sell, you’re best bet is to sell your computer parts online yourself. Check out our guide on selling your PC parts online safely yourself!

We aim to provide you with a fast, hassle-free way to turn hardware into cash. Our customers value our service because it saves them the trouble of taking photos, listing, packing, trips to the post office, buyer questions, returns (and return shipping), scams and payment issues. 

Our professional, competitive computer hardware liquidation service enables you to sell your used and surplus components for the highest return on investment. 

Which Components?

Sell Your Graphics CardSell Your CPUSell Your SSDSell Your Hard DriveSell Your RAMSell Your MotherboardSell Your Power Supply

Securely Selling Components with Data

Bitpro maintains the highest standards in customer privacy and has invested in the equipment to securely wipe data in compliance with the most up-to-date NIST 800-88 standards and the older DoD 5220.22-M recommendations, with reports available upon request. 

Cashing-in with Bitpro

Selling your used computer hardware/equipment to a liquidator carries several benefits that propel your business to new heights:

  • Maximizing ROI on your investment
  • Decreasing cost of ownership
  • Freeing up space in your facility / eliminating rent expense
  • Providing capital fuel for business growth 

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