Where can I sell my mining rigs?

The Problem: Scarce Demand For Pre-Built Rigs

Unfortunately, with GPU mining not in peak demand as it was at the end of 2017, there are few new miners interested in purchasing a pre-built rig. Many of the miners currently still involved have developed their own specifications and may purchase your GPUs and possibly a few other odds and ends, the majority of the rig will likely not fit their build preference. Because the market for working mining rigs is very small at the moment, we can not offer a premium for working rigs. Even if we choose to reuse the parts in one of our own facilities, we will still need to disassemble the rigs. We also understand that many people paid very large amounts for hardware during market peaks, but the resale value of these parts has fallen dramatically. Parts that are mining specific such as mining GPUs, mining motherboards, high wattage power supplies, mining frames, and risers have been hit particularly hard. Parts that are reusable for gaming rigs and office PCs such as gaming GPUs, CPUs, RAM, SSDs, standard motherboards, and moderate wattage PSUs have retained decent value (relative to MSRP.)

Where you could sell your mining rig components the hard way

Fortunately, however, mining rigs and farms are built from off the shelf computer hardware – and that hardware remains valuable to the right buyer. A gamer only needs one GPU though – not eight. So if your number one priority is receiving the maximum amount for your hardware, parting your rigs out and selling each part individually will be the ideal method to achieve that and we will not waste your time trying to convince you otherwise. That being said, we find that many sellers underestimate the amount of time and work required in such an endeavor, while also not fully taking into account all of the costs associated with selling on those platforms.

Bitpro: Faster, safer & more convenient

If you don’t have the energy to deal with any of that – our service is designed to be the easy way out, and our offers are calibrated to provide roughly 2/3rds of what you would actually clear after platform fees, shipping supplies, and postage. These costs typically eat away 20-25% of the average selling price that we know prospective sellers are using to determine market value. A quick search may reveal the price that buyers pay, but what you pocket at the end of the day is always significantly lower. Also, the highest selling prices are only achievable with a stellar track record of hundreds of positive feedback and a professional template and presentation. Particularly if you have a large operation to liquidate, it will also require listing at well below average market prices to move the hardware at a reasonable pace. It is for these reasons and more that while our offers sometimes sound unreasonably low at first, they are realistic and fair when taking the whole picture into account.

With us, you don’t need to worry about it. Or deal with the hours spent taking photos, listing, packing, driving to the post office, numerous questions from buyers, stocking 20 different box sizes, returns (average 10-15% of items on eBay are returned, and return shipping is always paid by the seller), chargebacks, fraud or any of the associated hassle with selling on such platforms. With us, it’s one and done. You leave with cash or crypto (and your sanity!), and we’ll leave with the problem of figuring out how to use, re-purpose or recycle your hardware.

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