EVGA 4x Molex PSU Modular Cable G2 G3 G5 GP GM P2 PQ T2 | Brand New US Seller, Fast Ship!


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Compatible with:

  • EVGA PQ Series
  • EVGA G2 Series
  • EVGA G3 Series
  • EVGA G5 Series
  • EVGA G+ Series
  • EVGA GA Series
  • EVGA GM Series
  • EVGA P2 Series
  • EVGA T2 Series

Warning: Power supply modular cables are not cross-compatible between brands. They are frequently not compatible between models of the same brand as well. If you use incompatible cables there is an extremely high probability that you will damage components in your PC. Use with power supplies other than those listed as compatible above at your own risk.