Thermaltake Toughpower Gold 750W Power Supply PSU – SMM


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Modular Cables Included:

  • 1 24 pin ATX
  • 2 VGA(PCIe)
  • 1 CPU/EPS
  • 1 SATA
  • 1 AC/Wall

Open Ports:

  • 1 SATA
  • 2 Molex

Note: A standard PC with one hard drive and one graphics card requires 1 ATX, 1 CPU, 1-2 VGA and 1 SATA cable. Even though this PSU is missing some cables, the vast majority of users will not need them. The only systems requiring 2 CPU cables are Intel HEDT and AMD Threadripper, which are extremely rare. The average GPU uses 1 VGA cable, and a high end GPU such as a 1080 Ti or RX Vega may use 2. Most SATA cables have 2-4 connectors, so even a single cable can support multiple drives. Multiple SATA cables are only required if you have an enormous amount of hard drives. Molex cables are rarely used nowadays since most motherboards have multiple case fan headers.

Warning: Power supply modular cables are not cross-compatible. If you decide to add cables that were not originally included, you must use cables from the exact same make and model of PSU to guarantee compatibility, or else there is an extremely high probability that you will damage components. We will not be held responsible for damage to your PC or this unit due to use of incompatible cables.




Form Factor




Max Output Power

850 W