Bitpro at Mining Disrupt 2021

We came, we jawed, we conferenced! Thank you to all of the Mining Disrupt attendees that dropped by to introduce yourselves to Bitpro! We are working our way through the visitor roster from the show and we will be in contact shortly. The overall impression is that the show is well worthwhile if you’re a professional miner or a hobbyist looking to level up your connections with bigger players in the industry. Thank you to the conference organizers who put in long hours to bring this show together to make it a great event for the industry.

Major highlights include:

Future of GPU Mining after ETH 2.0

Mark participated in the only GPU Mining-focused panel: “The Future of GPU mining after Ethereum 2.0” alongside a few other notable folks from the industry including Bits Be Trippin’ and Phil Salter from Genesis Digital Assets, among others. The panel was moderated by Sam Risberg from Although the allotted time seemed short given the expanse of the topic, some of the major issues were still highlighted, while there was a lot more counterpoint that was sacrificed due to time constraints.

The panel was a natural continuation and update on our presentation last year at the virtual version of the conference. GPU Mining is Here to Stay can be found here.

Bits Be Trippin posted a video of the panel on his Youtube channel with a low audio warning. The official video will be available from the conference in a few weeks.

Mining Disrupt GPU Mining Panel: GPU Mining After Ethereum transitions to proof of stake

Our Booth

Memes were in full effect. Also, green hair is quite fun.