Price Adjustments List

Please note that all quotes are for hardware in good working and cosmetic condition, with all essential accessories from the original package. If hardware is received in any other condition, our offer will be adjusted accordingly. If you have already mentioned any defects, missing parts or modifications in your initial inquiry, our quote has already taken them into account. Otherwise these adjustments will take place (if necessary) upon initial inspection and testing of the hardware. Please see our following list of adjustments as a guide, and note that any adjustments are not intended to nickle and dime sellers, only to account for surprises. Our preference is always that items are accurately described prior to pickup or shipment. All shipped items requiring price adjustment can be returned or rejected, at either our or your discretion. We will never force you to accept a price that is not mutually agreed upon, nor will we guarantee purchase of items that are significantly not as described. For on-site pickups, all adjustments are made on site prior to packing. Once we drive away, no further adjustments can be made or refunds requested from seller.

Typical adjustments:

  • Item described as brand new received with opened or missing retail packaging: -40%

Typical adjustments for GPUs:

  • Bent bracket (typically due to poor cushioning during shipment): -$5
  • Modified VBIOS: -$5
  • Dusty/dirty beyond what can be cleanly blown off with compressed air, requiring deep manual cleaning: -$10
  • Leaking thermal pads resulting in a significant amount oily residue on PCB or backplate that does not wipe off without visible residue: -$10
  • Fans stuck, slow, wobbling, abnormally loud or missing blades: -$30 per malfunctioning fan.
  • Major physical damage such as damaged PCB, cracked cooler shroud, damaged fins, missing screws, broken warranty stickers, adhesive residue and/or rust on screws or heatsink: -50%
  • DOA and/or crashing under load (Furmark/3DMark) at stock settings: Rejected

Typical adjustments for Power Supplies:

  • Missing standard A/C Cable: – $10
  • Modular PSUs with missing, mismatched, non-original modular cables or large bundle of modular PSU cables from mixed models and/or brands without clear labeling for exactly which cable goes with which PSU: -50% per PSU
  • PSU received with any burnt, frayed, melted or otherwise damaged cables and/or sockets: Rejected

Typical adjustments for CPUs:

  • No stock cooler, if originally bundled, Intel (non K or X series): -$5
  • No stock cooler, if originally bundled, AMD Ryzen: -$15
  • De-lidded, bent pins, burnt pads, DOA or other physical damage: Rejected

Typical adjustments for RAM:

  • DOA, damaged PCB or heatspreader, burnt or severely worn pins: Rejected

Typical adjustments for motherboards:

  • Missing CPU socket protector: -$5
  • Missing I/O shield: -$10
  • Missing m.2 screws: -$5
  • Dusty/dirty beyond what can be cleanly blown off with compressed air, requiring deep manual cleaning: -$10
  • Bent and/or missing socket pins, burnt slot pins, any non-functional slots, ports, sockets, etc : Rejected
  • (Note that CPU socket pins are extremely delicate, and there is a very high likelihood of damage to CPU socket if motherboard is shipped without CPU or socket cover properly installed!)