Meet the Bitpros

Meet the Bitpros

As our company grew, we found great people along the way. Here’s our team’s story!

Like any great endeavor, it started out in a garage as a one-man show. Or, at least, it moved to a garage soon after it was discovered to be hot and noisy. The year was 2017 and Bitpro was parked where the cars normally would be. Mark’s lifelong experience with IT hardware, keen eye for creating win-win value and genuine obsession with crypto uniquely positioned Bitpro for growth. Mark quit his job and went all-in on his mining farm construction & management side hustle.

Mark likes bitcoin

Crypto was mooning and things were going really well. The screaming cowboy meme reminds Kel of these amazingly fun times. Mark was looking to expand his mining farm management service’s reach. Kel’s side-hustle as a freelance brand builder was a good fit. There was plenty to be done at Bitpro and so it was time to dig in and roll up those sleeves. You can find Kel straight shillin’ on Telegram

Kel likes rolling up his sleeves

The crypto bubble burst in early 2018 and as crypto winter set in, Mark had clients who were looking to cut their losses. Mark had always helped his clients try to find the best deals they could on hardware to increase profitability and now he had the task of getting them the best deal on the way out.

The thing about crypto miners is that they’re unexpectedly awesome. Maybe it’s because they understand economics, business, and the ideas behind this newfangled internet money, that they are some of the most resilient and interesting folk out there, even as they’re taking it on the chin.

So, we buy the hardware they’re not using and re-purpose it. It’s a ton of work for 2 people and we needed help.

Anthony likes burritos

Anthony is the life of the party. He’s destined for great things. He likes burritos. He also loves computers and builds them for his friends. So when Bitpro needed someone with hands-on experience working on computer parts, Anthony was a great addition and leads the technical team. Did I mention it’s a ton of work for 2 people? Well, Bitpro was taking off and it became a lot of work for 3 people. Enter Tom Cruise. Or rather, Jake, who looks like a young Tom Cruise, imho.

Jake joined the dark side

Jake joined us right at the perfect time to help us move to our current address at 10 Technology Drive. Which is good because a single nerd is weak, but we are now legion. Jake was instrumental in getting our facility up and running, and his ongoing role involves implementing the extensive cleaning, repairing, and testing process for the hardware we bring in. That and ribbing Anthony.