Is Bitpro Right for You?

Quiz: Is Bitpro Right for You?

Ask yourself these questions, as so many of our previous customers have, to find out if our mining farm pick-up service is right for you.

  • Do you have used gpu mining hardware? It’s particularly important that this be yes.
  • Is your hardware stored in a shipping container that’s half-buried in mud and snow? Is some of it not there but you’re sure it is… or else it’s in your attic? Oh wait, yeah it’s in your attic.
  • Are you uncomfortable enough with strangers coming to your mining farm that you come to the meeting strapped, but it’s really hot, so you’re also comfy in your boxers?
  • Does your landlord run everywhere in toe-shoes?
  • Do you like to wait for 3 confirmations?
  • Do you offer lunch & coffee to all your guests? Or take them out for bbq?
  • Have you written a book?
  • Would you describe your son as a “cherry”?
  • Are you DIY’ing it, but making more money than one of the many “largest miners”?
  • Are you a father/son/daughter team?
  • Has your kid modded more GPUs than his/her years of age?
  • Did you find out about Bitcoin when you were 10?
  • Did the grow-house thing too, but crypto is more fun?
  • Do you describe your rigs as your customers?
  • Do you have a super long and windy driveway that’s really hard to back down with a rental box truck?
  • Do your local politicians like to drop by and cast aspersions on mining while you’re busy?
  • Have a cuddly large dog that sheds quite a bit? Bonus points if poochie insists on riding shotgun in the Bitpro truck and is too cute to turn down.
  • Does your wife want the garage back?
  • Does she want it back for a craft room?
  • Was it all just to impress a girl/prove her wrong about mining? (If it works, let me know…for science)
  • Do you like to see how many moths will fit behind a shroud?
  • Have another interesting story?

If the answer is yes to any of the above, then our service is for you!

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