Bitpro GPU Mining Frame Instructions

GPU Mining Frame Available for purchase on eBay & Amazon

GPU Mining Frame Kit includes:

  1. Base x1
  2. Vertical crossbars x2
  3. Horizontal crossbars x2
  4. Short GPU crossbar x1
  5. PSU mount x1
  6. Power switch x1
  7. Motherboard standoffs
  8. Motherboard screws
  9. Frame & GPU screws

Tools Needed:

  • Screwdriver
  • Small Pliers (optional for motherboard standoffs)

Step 1: Attach vertical crossbars

Using the frame screws, attach the vertical crossbars to each side of the base. There are three (3) locations for screws on each post.

Note: the slits on the base should be on the same side as the shorter vertical crossbar.

Step 2: Attach Horizontal Support Bars

Use two (2) frame screws on each end to attach both horizontal support bars.

Step 3: Attach Support Bar for Short GPUs

This support bar will serve as a support underneath the risers of most GPUs. Depicted here with the screw in the top placement, the bottom is actually better for most GPUs

Step 4: Attach PSU mount

Use two frame screws to affix the PSU mount to the base on the left side.

Step 5: Install Motherboard Standoffs

For your particular motherboard size, install the motherboard standoffs onto the base. This will keep the motherboard from coming into contact with the base.

Warning: If the motherboard is left to rest on the metal base while in operation it will likely short circuit, destroying it in the process!

Congrats! Your new GPU Mining Frame is completely assembled and ready to accept components.

GPU Mining Frame with GPUs installed. Image for reference only. Prior to installing GPUs, attach power supply cables and riser adapters to motherboard.