Bitpro's Gaming PC Builds

Bitpro Build Philosophy



Parts selection is optimized to provide the smoothest gameplay we can offer without breaking the bank or wasting money on parts that do not work well together



We specifically choose parts that provide the highest performance to price ratio. More quality than you'd need for a fraction of the price



Purchasing a complete computer saves you the stress of finding compatible parts that won't bottleneck the system.



As gamers, we understand the desire to have an attractive computer to brag about; our cases are brand new and high quality.

Transparent, Trusted Seller

Unlike some of our competition, we’re always up front with the background of our parts. Our PCs are primarily built with refurbished parts that we stress test ourselves to ensure reliability. Be cautious about similarly priced PCs that claim to be “Brand New.” Frequently PCs that are marketed as “New” are built with used parts. How do we know this? Because as the #1 seller of pre-owned components on eBay — they buy the parts from us.