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About Bitpro

Our Mission

Bitpro is the leading purchaser of GPU mining farm hardware. We’re laser-focused on maximizing the value we bring to mining farm ownership. Our past mining farm sellers have chosen us for our straightforward process, the convenience of doing business, our candor and fair-mindedness, and our fair market pricing. Read testimonials from our past customers on our Google Maps listing. Our goal is to be the best place to sell your mining rigs or farm and as miners ourselves, we are in the best position to understand how to maximize the value of a mining farm.

We are constantly innovating in the areas of:

  • Refurbishing – using proprietary methods and constant process improvements to restore used components to their most saleable condition
  • Relationships – with our repeat clients and customers
  • Reach – expanding our offering to a wider network in our specific niche allows Bitpro to find synergies that would not be available to a typical liquidator

Our Story

Bitpro crypto mining hardware specialist
Bitpro’s home office in Setauket, NY

Mark thought bitcoin was a scam, but, as an IT professional with a diesel gaming computer and most of what he needed to mine crypto already under his roof, he said “yes” to magic internet money. The year was 2013. Ever the evangelist for technological progress, soon his friends and their friends were asking what this bitcoin-thing was all about and commissioning mining rigs of their own. A few classifieds later, and he drummed up enough business to go fulltime with the newly-coined Bitpro, mining farm design, and construction company.

Well, 2017 brought a market crash, then 2018 brought crypto winter and although we never faltered in our belief in crypto, nobody was building new farms. Worse yet, some of our clients were looking for a way out. We set out to get them the best deal for their hardware, just like we did when we set up their farms. This was the hardest part. While it was possible to liquidate and move the hardware, no one was paying a fair market price and the market was lousy with brokers and other middlemen. There was no one up to the task of putting in the hard work of restoring the hardware to saleable condition.

Our customers entrusted their hardware investments to us and we sought to maximize the return for each client upon exit, initiating the relentless pursuit of maximizing the value of recovering the value in mining hardware for all parties involved that propels Bitpro forward today.

Our Team

Mark D’Aria, Founder & CEO

Our founder and CEO, lifelong tech enthusiast, programmer, consummate gamer, and IT professional, Mark D’Aria is all about cool, new futuristic gadgets and visionary concepts and loves the nerdy, interesting, and smart characters that make up those tight-knit communities.